Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Design your sticker

Use your logo, designs or illustrations to create and print up to 100 Stickers.
These stickers are perfect for branding your packaging, promotional giveaways - or just for having fun.

Stickers. No matter how old you are, everyone still loves a good sticker! Custom stickers, kids stickers, promotional stickers, scrapbooking stickers, personalized stickers.... Stick them on your notebook, your laptop, your packaging, your gifts (or your forehead).

book yours now...

Print Sticker Design

Print label sticker for your product

10CM X 30CM: 100pcs = RM20..
poslaju rm3
gambar contoh sticker akan diupload kemudian.. (white and gold)

Design boleh email..
1. confirmkan size, design, quantity and colour
2. buat pembayaran
3. sticker akan di pos dalam masa 3 hari dari tarikh pembayaran.

Anything boleh email or sms to:

nurul:, HP 012-3937875.
nadia:, HP 019-6318517.

size lain akan di update kemudian.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Web Application Experience

Web Application is an application that can be access over worldwide through web client or browser. It is so powerfull whereas data can be submitted worldwide without requires additional installation in the client side.

Most of the big and small company, use web application to boost their business. However the development of web application is really expensive through software house consultancy. Many small company are looking for free-lance consultancy to solve the problem but getting the same result.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

System Design and Architecture

System design can be divided into Logical Design & Physical Design. Logical designing describes the structure & characteristics or features, like output, input, files, database & procedures. The physical design, which follows the logical design, actual software & a working system. There will be constraints like Hardware, Software, Cost, Time & Interfaces.

Major System Design Activities are
1. Database design

2. Program design
3. System & program test preparation
4. System Interface Specification
5. Documentation control